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Merit Badges

Here are the steps to earning a merit badge: from

When can a scout start earning merit badges?

As soon as he earns the Scout rank, he can start earning merit badges. Most scouts concentrate on rank advancement until reaching 1st Class, but this does not preclude them from working on merit badges.

Get a blue merit badge card from the Advancement Chairman, or Scoutmaster, fill in your name, address, and the name of the badge, and ask the Scoutmaster to sign it. Then get the name and phone number of a qualified counselor from the Advancement Chairman or scoutmaster.

Call the counselor and set up an appointment. This can be at any place that is suitable to both of you. Along with a buddy (another Scout, a family member, or a friend), meet with the counselor. The counselor will explain the requirements for the merit badge and help you get started.

Work on the badge requirements until you complete them, meeting with the counselor (along with your buddy) whenever necessary. You must complete the stated requirements and satisfy the standards of each merit badge. The merit badge counselor may encourage you to do more than the requirements state but he or she may not require it. YOU (not the counselor, Scoutmaster, or Advancement Chairman) keep the merit badge card until you have completed the requirements and the counselor has signed the card. If you lose this card, you will have to start the badge over unless the counselor is willing and able to vouch for what you already completed. If you change counselors for any reason, it is up to the new counselor whether or not he or she will accept the work you did with the previous counselor. Normally the new counselor will ask you a few questions, and if the counselor is satisfied that you actually did the work that was signed off, he or she will accept it.

After you complete the merit badge and the counselor signs your merit badge card, he or she will keep the counselor’s section and return the rest of the card to you. Bring the rest of the card to the Advancement Chairman, who will keep the troop section and return the Scout section to you. You will receive your merit badge shortly after you turn in the blue card (usually the next troop meeting).

Opportunities for earning merit badges in troop 5:

Merit badge Saturday (schedule several times during the year)

Merit Badge College (scheduled during early winter)


Council badge days see Narragansett BSA Website for details

Camp Yawgoog web-site

To get the Worksheets for each merit badge go to